The first pirate arrested in Croatia

7 Apr

The first pirate arrested in Croatia

The Croatian authorities have made the first suspected piracy in the country. The 31-year-old man has been accused of making 1250 videos available online. He did it through his own site called Filmovit.

Many European countries struggle with piracy and severely chase people who make illegal content available online. Croatia has so far been completely ignored by this issue, but the authorities in this country have recognized that it is time to take appropriate action, as piracy harms the economy of the country.

To become the first person arrested in this country for piracy, he has 31-year Matej Kalanj, a resident of the port city of Rijeka and the third largest Croatian metropolis. Accused since 2014, a website called Filmovita, which deals with the distribution of illegal video to its users.

Investigators have determined that through the steepness, the man together made 1250 production, which is not particularly high. However, it should be noted that these were films with Croatian inscriptions. The site is very popular in this country, and according to Alexa, it is the 47th most visited site. Her Facebook profile has 165,000 fans.

The investigation revealed that the man earned $ 89,000 on his deal, causing losses for distributors at $ 592,000. At least the companies themselves say the prosecutor is no longer convinced about the amount of losses and believes that there may be a problem with their proof. The site acts on the international domain, not on the localhound, so precise determination of losses can be very difficult.

The wife of a man was charged with laundering money. She was accused of trying to hide the source of income from the site by transferring money between different bank accounts.