Tesla sues former employee

14 Jan

Tesla sues former employee

Tesla Motors filed a lawsuit against former director of the Autopilot. It accuses him of stealing sensitive data about autonomic autos and blurring his tracks.

In large corporations struggling with market dominance is associated with huge amounts of money, so sometimes industrial espionage takes place, allowing for rapid acquisition of important technologies. Such is espionage, the American company Tesla Motors is accusing its former employee, who was brought to trial in Santa Clara.

The manufacturer of electric cars accuses Sterling Anderson of being the former head of Autopilot, stealing hundreds of gigabytes of confidential data on autonomous vehicle technology and wiping away his tracks. Tesla lawyers say that Anderson has also tried to recruit at least a dozen American employees.

He planned to use them to create a competitive Tesla startup Aurora, which also deals with autonomous vehicles. His partner was Chris Urmson, former head of the vehicle division of Google.

According to court documents, Anderson teamed up with Urmson to create a new company, doing so during business hours, and using the company’s laptop and premises. And although at the beginning of January he was fired from the company, his partners were still trying to recruit Tesla employees, which is a breach of employment contract, which, within 12 months of dismissal, prohibits recruiting competitors.

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