Tesla calls thousands of cars for service

24 Oct

Tesla calls thousands of cars for service

American Tesla announced a large service action on its vehicles. More than 53,000 cars are being called at the site where the parking brake must be removed.

Many auto makers have serious accidents and then have to call thousands and even millions of vehicles to service thousands of vehicles in order to remove defects that endanger passengers.

Tesla also scored such a failure, not for the first time and it is quite big. The company is calling on 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles that were manufactured between February and October last year. They found a defect in the parking brake, which could result in accidental dismissal.

The defect is borne by an item manufactured by one of the suppliers and though only less than 5 percent. The company vehicles may have it installed, the company prefers to call the service all copies.

Although there have not been any accidents due to this fault, but it is better to blow the cold.

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