Popular portable speakers

20 Nov

Popular portable speakers

Wireless speakers are becoming increasingly popular due to their small footprint, convenience, and high quality sound reproduction. Today you can share your favorite music wherever you are and in a much more relaxed way. Now portable speakers will help you unleash more outdoor events – especially when we do not have the ability to connect the most powerful power equipment. Due to the rich market offer, making the final choice can be a problem. So, which model of wireless speakers will be most suitable?

Due to the rapidly evolving technology, mobile speakers are increasingly using a variety of technologies that guarantee high quality sound and deep, clear and strong low tones. Therefore, the small size of these devices should not offend us, but on the contrary. Wireless speaker to guarantee comfort, and thanks to its size we can take it really everywhere. Some models are so small they can fit even in their pockets!

What to look for when making a final choice? First of all, how do they reproduce music. We have a choice of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and AirPlay. Most models also have AUX ports, so if necessary, we can also connect our device with a suitable cable.

If you are one of those who pay attention to quality and are keen on deep bass and clear and strong low notes, you should think about models with subwoofers. Their use in the device aims to give listeners the best hearing experience.

Despite its powerful technology, portable speakers, due to their compactness, are still somewhat limited in power. Of course the higher the model, the louder the model is able to play music. If you know that your device will often be used in the open, among more people, you should invest in a slightly stronger speaker.

Battery capacity is also important. The bigger the longer we can use the speaker without having to recharge. The use of batteries has the advantage that we can take it with us virtually anywhere – even on a campfire organized on the outskirts of town. Some models also come with a USB port. This is a big advantage because it allows you to connect your mobile device – smartphone or tablet – to recharge also its battery. This way you can be sure that not only will the battery pack be full, but your portable player!

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Additional connectors that we find on some portable speakers include the AUX jack, which allows you to connect your mobile device with a cable, SD card slot or 3.5mm plug.

When shopping you should also pay attention to the speaker construction. As the dimensions and weight are somehow important, so much of the material used to build the device is a priority here. The portable speaker should be made of durable plastic so you can be sure that it will last a really long time. It is worth investing in waterproof models – it will allow you to use the device at the pool or even when you are surprised by the rain.

Manufacturers sometimes equip their speakers with additional features. Some models offer built-in memory where we can store our favorite music and play it without having to connect the device to the mobile. The microphone is a great solution because it allows you to make phone calls. FM radio is another additional wireless speaker solution. Of course, for such options as gadgets as a remote control or LCD screen, you have to pay. Therefore, before you buy, think about what you care most about and whether any additional option is necessary for you.

Here are some popular portable speakers that will surely meet your needs.

The JBL Go Portable Speaker with 600 mAh battery gives up to 5 hours of listening to your favorite music wherever you go without having to recharge! Due to its small size, the device is great for outdoor use. It does not take up much space in the bag, so we can boldly take it on a trip or garden party. The speaker works wirelessly. Just connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet to play your favorite tracks. The mobile device can also be connected via the AUX input. The product also has a built-in microphone. This can also serve as a speakerphone. Of course, when a phone call arrives, the music automatically pauses. In addition to the Bluetooth and AUX inputs, the speaker also features a USB slot.

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The portable wireless speaker JBL Charge 2+ Plus is a perfect device that will spur a lot of parties! Due to its splash resistance, this model can be taken safely to the pool. The loudspeaker is equipped with a powerful 6000 mAh battery, allowing up to 12 hours of audio playback without recharging. In addition, the built-in USB port can also serve as a powerbank for mobile devices. The unit offers two speakers and two passive subwoofers – a really deep and clear bass. JBL Charge Plus also has a microphone. Thanks to this model can also serve as a speakerphone. JBL speakers can be purchased in different color variants.

The Creative Woof Wireless Speaker has been created for people who care about the compactness of a mobile device of this nature. This compact model has been constructed from a durable metal enclosure that will serve everyone for years to come. Despite its really small dimensions, the loudspeaker guarantees loud tones and deep bass. There are two ways to use this model. For example, by connecting it to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth or an AUX-in cable. The microphone is also added to the device, so we can make phone calls confidently. At every incoming call, the music automatically switches off, and after the call ends, it resumes.

JBL Charge 2 Wireless Stereo Speaker System, featuring two powerful speakers and two passive heatsinks. Applying them gives you a guarantee of deep and powerful bass. The 6000 mAh rechargeable battery allows up to 12 hours of use without charging! You can enjoy for a long time your favorite music wherever you are. The loudspeaker is splash proof, so it is suitable for use by the pool, and it is not a dreadful rain (however, it can not be immersed directly in water!). This model is equipped with a microphone to make phone calls, as well as a USB port through which we can recharge the battery of their mobile devices.