Karma Automotive presents a new hybrid

24 Mar

Karma Automotive presents a new hybrid

The Karma Automotive Chinese company has shown its new car. Revero is a hybrid using BMW technology and equipped with a photovoltaic roof. They will produce energy to power the car systems.

A few years ago, before Tesla appeared on the market, Fisker Automotive was trying to become a Fisker Karma sports car. Her technology has not, however, aroused much interest, mainly because it was heavily under-developed and dangerous. Manufactured cars had a tendency to self-ignition.

Fisker Automotive has recently announced bankruptcy, but the Chinese concern Wanxiang has decided to save the car and buy it from the manufacturers. Karma Automotive has been involved in its development and has just unveiled a new version called Revero.

The design of the new model should not surprise anyone, because Revero is simply Fisker Karma. It has, however, been significantly modernized with respect to the prototype. It is equipped with a solar roof that will provide additional energy for the operation of vehicle systems. It will not be too much of course but it can always power some of the electronics.

The system of vehicle control and battery charging comes from BMW, so it is very efficient and modern and above all failure-free, which will surely improve the usability of the car. For the driver’s convenience, a new infotainment system has been installed, which is to be very functional and easy to use.

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