First autonomous taxis in the streets of Singapore

28 Mar

First autonomous taxis in the streets of Singapore

In Singapore, pilot tests of first autonomous taxis began. You can call nuTonomy vehicles using the mobile application and get to the desired location. As part of a limited area test, all courses are free.

Singapore has become the experimental field for autonomous vehicles. NuTonomy conducts tests in the world’s first autonomous taxis, which will carry passengers in the future. There are six such vehicles in the streets. For safety, each driver has a man who supervises the vehicle and, in the event of a threat, has the task of taking control.

As a standalone taxi, Renault Zoes and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric models were used, each equipped with six Lidars, including one on the roof, which dealt with continuous mapping of the environment. In addition, they have two cameras on the dashboard for pedestrian observation and dangers on the road.

The test area is limited to a radius of only 4 km. And because of the great interest, only those who have received invitations are selected by the select group.

The scope of the tests is currently limited, but nuTonomy representatives will ensure that they will increase over time. By the end of the year, six more taxis will appear on the streets of Singapore, while the official launch of the new service is planned for 2018.

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