Facebook launches filters for fictitious messages

20 Apr

Facebook launches filters for fictitious messages

In the next few weeks, Facebook will launch filters to eliminate false messages. They will start operating in Germany and will be the first European country to use this technology.

Last year’s presidential elections in the United States have shown everyone how big a problem there may be with false news posted on the Web. Large companies operating on the Internet have therefore announced measures to combat this type of business. Among them we also find Facebook.

The largest social networking site a few weeks ago introduced new tools in the US aimed at eliminating false news. Special tools flag the information, which is then sent to independent organizations to verify it for accuracy. If it turns out to be invented, it will be removed. The page that has placed it on its profile may also be awaiting the consequences of blocking its profile.

So far, such a system has only functioned in the United States, but it will soon begin to operate in Europe, more precisely in Germany. The technology is still undergoing testing and in a few weeks it should go into general use.

Why did Facebook decide to launch its own system in Germany? Because lawyers believe that false messages are a big problem and even plan to impose Facebook fines on dissemination of such information.

Suspicious messages will therefore be sent to Correctiv, Berlin’s information organization, which will review their content. If you fail to verify the truth of the facts, then the entry will receive a special tag that will alert the user that the information may not be true. Moreover, such a post will also be placed at the lower position in the news.