Burglary and theft of customer data

30 Apr

Burglary and theft of customer data

During yesterday’s attack on Netia’s servers, hackers managed to steal customer databases. Among the information that has fallen victim to the criminals include names, addresses, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and email addresses – informs the service

The attack information appeared, or was deliberately spread from three anonymous accounts on Twitter, which repeatedly attacked Ukrainian nationalists on a major television and internet provider in a repeated message.

Soon the site stopped working, and after a few hours the company reported a maintenance break.

The service has been able to reach files made available by hackers of the size of a dozen gigabytes in size, including “the history of orders made by people who want to become customers of the company through its Web site, as well as the history of some clients’ financial transactions.”

Even Thursday evening, in an official statement Netia admitted that on July 7 at noon there was a hacker attack on the site, but said all services were normal and that “none of our customer data systems were attacked by our best knowledge.”

A few hours later Netia updated her statement:

July 7, 2016 around midday netia.pl website was attacked by hackers. NetiaOnline passwords and logins are secure, so there is no need for any client action.

All Netia customer support services work properly. Experts analyze the course of the attack. The activities undertaken have allowed to minimize the effects of the measures on the company. In collaboration with the leading cyber security experts, we immediately reinforced the protection of our network resources.

However, as a result of the attack, hackers entered the websites containing the details of the submitters through Netia’s willingness to contact. These are often fragmentary entries, mainly containing contact telephone numbers.

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In addition, intruders have access to data from the contract form electronically via the Netia website. Netia wants to be the most cautious, so any potential leak customer will be notified. This concerns a small portion of the company’s subscribers.

The situation has been stabilized. The data of clients and co-operating companies are secured by Netia experts supported by an additional, highly qualified external advisory team.