Audi Q7 can (almost) self drive in the traffic jam and the highway

13 Dec

Audi Q7 can (almost) self drive in the traffic jam and the highway

The cruise assistant, lane assistant and adaptive cruise control are the three basic features of the Audi Q7 that allow semi-automatic driving in selected road situations. Why does it make sense and how does it work? We invite you to read.

The Audi Q7 entered the market more than a year ago, but it is undoubtedly one of the most advanced SUVs on the market. Safety, comfort and support are at the highest level. The strength lies, however, not in the number of these systems, and in their performance, and in this respect Audi Q7 is really good.

Semi-autonomous driving modes have been designed to take the driver in the most daunting situations on the road. Driving speed with constant speed rather than pleasure, and many drivers can sleep at the wheel. A similar problem is with moving in the traffic jam. Continuous climbing is very monotonous and in the long run very tiring. At the same time these two situations are relatively easy to describe by algorithms, so that the computer installed in the car can at least for some time to take the driver out of driving. Of course it does not mean that he can go to bed, but he can relax a little, not concentrating so much on driving, but just watching the road and being ready to take control of the car.

How can the Audi Q7 drive fast?

When driving on highways (expressways or expressways), the Audi Q7 can use two (lane assist) and adaptive cruise control (if enabled by the driver). The latter is responsible for maintaining the specified speed as there is no other slower vehicle ahead – then our speed will be adjusted to the preceding car at a safe distance. This type of system is obviously not new, but in the case of the Audi Q7 we have a solution that is slightly better adapted to the road situation – seeing another vehicle ahead of us subtracts gas instead of braking at the last minute.

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The second system, the lane assistant, not only warns unintentional changes (without the turn signal), but more importantly, thanks to cameras that recognize lines on the roadway and steering assisted steering to stay on the lane. If we drive the steering wheel, the Audi Q7 will not slam away the lane, also at the bend. Even on quite sharp bows, this luxury SUV is able to ride on its own beforehand. What is important, there is no way here to bounce from left to right of the lane. From a passenger’s point of view everything is as if the car was run by a professional.

Obviously, for safety reasons and because of lack of legal regulations, the lane assistant works without the intervention of the driver for only a few dozen seconds. What time does man have to prove that he controls the situation by doing some steering. Such a restriction is a good solution as it prevents, for example, from going to bed by the driver.

Audi Q7: semiautomatic driving in the traffic jam

Also driving in the traffic jam can be highly automated. The active traffic assistant uses the same radar and camera as the previously described systems, but its performance is different. The most important information is that the Audi Q7 is able to fully stop and even move independently if the stoppage time is no longer than a few seconds. After this time, if the preceding car has started, the onboard computer will know that we can already go (the engine starts and the message appears) and just touch the pedal to let the Q7 go further. This latter element is particularly important because there are cars that, after the waiting time mentioned, simply turn off the assistant or do not let the driver know that they are already driving. And what about the steering?

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In a very slow-moving rope, it would not be possible to lean on a horizontal mark. Therefore, under 60 km / h, the traffic assistant automatically switches to following another vehicle, if so. This solution has two important features: the first is that if you need to bypass an obstacle (eg standing another car), the Audi Q7 will also by itself follow the car ahead. In spite of every few dozen or so seconds the driver must prove that he is watching the situation on the road and still controls the car. In 99% of cases, the assistants actually allow semi-automatic driving in very dense traffic.


The Audi Q7 is definitely one of the most technologically advanced SUVs in the market. Support systems make it possible to significantly relieve the driver of tedious driving while driving in traffic and traffic. It is important that these systems work really well and they can be trusted with confidence as soon as a person realizes that the Q7 actually recognizes the situation on the road and responds appropriately to other vehicles ahead of us. How much is it?

It includes a traffic assistant, an active lane assistant, and a speed limiter. It is necessary, however, to buy, for example, an Audi parking system with visualization on the MMI screen for 2180. Given the set of features and the price of the car it is not an exorbitant price and we definitely recommend it.