Month: March 2017

28 Mar

First autonomous taxis in the streets of Singapore

In Singapore, pilot tests of first autonomous taxis began. You can call nuTonomy vehicles using the mobile application and get to the desired location. As part of a limited area test, all courses are free.

Singapore has become the experimental field for autonomous vehicles. NuTonomy conducts tests in the world’s first autonomous taxis, which will carry passengers in the future. There are six such vehicles in the streets. For safety, each driver has a man who supervises the vehicle and, in the event of a threat, has the task of taking control.

As a standalone taxi, Renault Zoes and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric models were used, each equipped with six Lidars, including one on the roof, which dealt with continuous mapping of the environment. In addition, they have two cameras on the dashboard for pedestrian observation and dangers on the road.

The test area is limited to a radius of only 4 km. And because of the great interest, only those who have received invitations are selected by the select group.

The scope of the tests is currently limited, but nuTonomy representatives will ensure that they will increase over time. By the end of the year, six more taxis will appear on the streets of Singapore, while the official launch of the new service is planned for 2018.…

24 Mar

Karma Automotive presents a new hybrid

The Karma Automotive Chinese company has shown its new car. Revero is a hybrid using BMW technology and equipped with a photovoltaic roof. They will produce energy to power the car systems.

A few years ago, before Tesla appeared on the market, Fisker Automotive was trying to become a Fisker Karma sports car. Her technology has not, however, aroused much interest, mainly because it was heavily under-developed and dangerous. Manufactured cars had a tendency to self-ignition.

Fisker Automotive has recently announced bankruptcy, but the Chinese concern Wanxiang has decided to save the car and buy it from the manufacturers. Karma Automotive has been involved in its development and has just unveiled a new version called Revero.

The design of the new model should not surprise anyone, because Revero is simply Fisker Karma. It has, however, been significantly modernized with respect to the prototype. It is equipped with a solar roof that will provide additional energy for the operation of vehicle systems. It will not be too much of course but it can always power some of the electronics.

The system of vehicle control and battery charging comes from BMW, so it is very efficient and modern and above all failure-free, which will surely improve the usability of the car. For the driver’s convenience, a new infotainment system has been installed, which is to be very functional and easy to use.…

Tiny Blue Tooth Ear-buds That Actually Blend

Should you hear music as you conduct, work out, or play sports, then you are probably knowledgeable about the impression of unintentionally ripping out your headset wires at the heat of activity. In my own experience, picking the ideal set of wireless headphones boils right down to some answers to three simple questions. To make confident individuals did not have a magic extra-durable set, this time around we have three pairs of Epic2 cans to make an effort to destroy. The very best alternative is one can that are a little more compact compared to over-ear, however, these are a lot more inclined to keep in your mind during rapid motion. Check how to wear wireless headphones guide here.

That is no thing, you may always select some cans of your home to utilize as you are working, commuting, or just chilling in your home. The cans we utilize have been only an accessory-they is almost an extension of ourselves. The single thing we did see is that they truly are 3 3 Ohm cans and that means you’re going to want a little more capacity to follow them very eloquent, such as most ear-buds which are 16-ohm.

On the flip side, wired cans are a lot more economical, and it has really a far more straight forward experience. Wireless cans make it possible for audiences to watch tv without bothering others around them. Blue tooth linking is straightforward, however, these head phones get quite inadequate blue tooth range, and will take approximately 30 feet.

Stay focused and distraction-free using wireless game head phones which stay comfortably in place. Among Apple’s official possibilities, Beats by Dr. Dre’s Powerbeats two Wireless ($200), is equally stylish and specifically designed for sporting use. Noise canceling can do stop background noise, however, they also reduce sound quality.

I haven’t had some difficulties using high or pairing pitched sounds yet even though I have just made use of the Mpow a few months chiefly with my UE5c (that I have a greater ending couple of UEs but do not utilize them to get working outside). Clip on head phones …

How to wear wireless headphones

Up until today, blue tooth wireless sound was only optional for Apple’s apparatus: every i-pad, i-phone, and I pod has sent with a 3.5millimeter audio interface to attach to wired earbuds and cans. Jabra claims that in case the Rox does not locate a paired device to join with over 5 minutes, then it’ll shut off, however usually means keeping the Bluetooth in your phone deterred all of the time in the event the Rox’s magnets eventually become disconnected from the pair’s fabric tote.

It is apparent that Dragon or Dragon Cristiano Ronaldo (that the football superstar for that this version is known as, and we’re convinced he had a whole lot related to evolution) attempted to impair motion by producing the searing force especially tight and adding a grippy material to the headband, but after 10 seconds, those headphones start to really feel uncomfortable and hot. See how to wear wireless headphones.

At the same time that you have no lots of unsealed blue tooth options, we found just one people think will satisfy most the needs you have: the Plantronics BackBeat Fit blue tooth, In reality, the BackBeat Fit could be the sole couple of unsealed blue tooth headset we have heard that we’d believe to be worth your hard earned money.

Wireless will continue to improve during the upcoming few decades, however it will be stated for any reason, Apple isn’t leaping on firmware updating blue tooth 4.0 apparatus to 4.1 (that is apparently potential), also now there are still lots of headphones available (for example, Bose models) with blue tooth 2.1. Progress was relatively incremental and fueled further by the availability of cheap new chipsets from businesses like CSR than whatever else, for example, 4.0’s adoption by Apple.

Above all, you may bill them for five minutes and find one hour’s worth of playtime, that will be critical in the event you are like me and you also move for late night runs; you’ll find nothing worse than establishing the motivation simply to appreciate that your cans are now dead.

It may not influence your final decision, however, it’s …

The official end of “mind control and hurricane triggering”

US Air Force decided to close the HAARP program. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and with it one of the most popular research stations in the country. The Alaska-based facility is especially fond of conspiracy theorists who attribute it to mind control, weather control (including hurricanes and earthquakes), or electromagnetic pulse generation capable of cutting off electricity throughout the city. ”

The program has been in operation since 1993, and now, apart from the US Air Force, its participants include the US Navy, DARPA and the University of Alaska. According to the official version, the institute works on ionosphere research (atmospheric layers extending between 50 and even 1,000 km), specifically looking for more effective communication and surveillance methods.

Construction of the station alone cost $ 300 million. It consists of 180 antennas located in the area of ​​120 thousand. square meters. The program is expected to be officially completed by the end of the holiday, and the station will most likely be taken over by the University of Alaska, provided it declares its willingness to pay for its maintenance (about $ 5 million a year).

For the duration of the program the purpose of antennas was, for example, the emission of electromagnetic waves, which enabled the researchers to study the propagation of energy in the ionosphere. Their biggest success is the creation of the artificial aurora in 2005.

There is no reason to doubt the official communications, because most of the people employed in the center are civilians who are eager to share their findings and research findings. They are published in journals and as scientific papers.…