Month: February 2017

24 Feb

DARPA introduced a prototype of a military motorcycle

During the Tampa Conference Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, DARPA showed the first two prototypes of a special-purpose military motorcycle. The unit is supposed to provide them with the ability to move quickly, but at the same time make it more difficult to detect.

The force of special units is a surprise attack, so they have to move very quietly so that the enemy can not detect them. They often have to travel long distances, so they need a fast means of transportation that would make it easy to reach their destination.

At the beginning of 2014, DARPA awarded a grant to build a military motorcycle that would be silent and let you beat any area in no time. After two years of design work, two prototypes are ready, presented at the Tampa Conference Special Operations Forces Industry Conference. The first of the machines developed by LSA Autonomy is called Nightmare and the other Night Hawk.

Both models go into the second phase of design, and although they appear to be like typical field bikes, painted only with matt paint, their capabilities are much greater. They are designed in such a way that they can burn different types of fuel and also have an electric drive. The latter is used for quiet mode, which can be used for short distances, allowing a completely silent ride.…

21 Feb

Tesla’s rival on the verge of bankruptcy

Faraday Future plans to create a sports electric car may not be realized. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy and may be out of money in February next year.

Faraday Future was to be a rival for the American Tesla company and soon start producing vehicles that would make Elona Muska cars look very pale. She recently also announced the construction of a new factory in the state of Nevada, where her cars were to be manufactured.

The implementation of these plans may not succeed, however. Faraday Future is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company ends money, has a lot of unpaid bills, and must deal with lawsuits from sellers and landlords who rents. What’s worse, it also loses experienced staff and although it has several hundred million in cash, the chances of getting more money from investors is getting smaller.

Faraday Future bosses high hopes at CES 2017, where the production version of the latest car will be presented. The board hopes that this will increase investor interest and that it will be possible to raise new funds.…

2 Feb

Apple has new prototype iphone and ipad?

Apple has not revealed its plans for the future yet, but it does not prevent rumors suggesting the company is working on a slightly larger version of the iPhone and a smaller version of the iPad.

The shift to the iPhone 5 and replacing it slightly with the modified 4S iPhone only made the competition a chance to take Apple’s next market share. So if the Cupertino giants do not do something, then his recovery can be very difficult.

However, it is not excluded that Apple is conducting activities that will allow the company to compete with increasingly stronger competition. It is rumored that Apple is talking to LG Display about the delivery of new screens. One would use a slightly larger iPad, and the other would be for a smaller 7-inch version of the iPad.

There have been plans to create such devices for some time, but Steve Jobs himself was against it. But now the company manages Tim Cook, and he intends to introduce Apple into a new era and is about to limit only the successor of the already known models, but would like to master other market segments.

The new 7-inch iPad would be an interesting alternative to tablets like the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, and if its price would be attractive, Amazon and Barnes & Noble would gain serious competition in the small tablet segment.

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